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These documents are here to help you when submitting content to me for design. Please download!


Take a look at this article about illustrations for websites by Frame Mark Web Design!

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The text document must be completely finished before we commence designing.

Any large text changes after design has begun will be considered a design change and therefore result in an extra fee.


All text must be submitted in a reflow-able text document (Eg Word, Google docs, Pages).


Submit spelling and grammatical corrections in the format as follows - 

Page Number (mistake appears on),

Line number (mistake appears on), 

Original text as appears, 

Correction to insert (ready to copy into document) 


Do not include hyphenation yourself within the writing to break up your words from one line to another. Automatic hyphenation within your document will not be a problem but manually implemented hyphens will have to all be taken out for the final work (this doesn’t apply to grammatical hyphenation). 


Do not manually implement spaces in-between lines of text. If you want to have double spacing in your work then adjust these settings in the MS Words Line Spacing option and not by hitting an extra return/enter key.

Images are easiest to submit as Jpegs. 


Image files must be submitted individually as separate files (not as a part of any other document). 


Ensure that they are set to maximum quality. 

Images must be at least 300ppi (pixels per inch) to come out clearly in print. If the image is 300ppi but it is blurry it will be blurry in print also.


All your image files must be named and the naming should follow this pattern below –


Example - happyface_P18


A handy guide to help remember paper sizes.


International Standard Paper Size

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