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History and Culture

Collarenebri Interpretive Signage

Collarenebri Police Station Historical Signage Project

Design and illustrations for three interpretive signs on the site of the former Collarenebri police station.

The project was done through OzArk Environment and Heritage

Read about the project in the descriptions below.


Turkish Charlie Ryan - Canakkle's ANZAC Hero

When a young doctor named Charlie Ryan graduated from University he went looking for adventure by joining the Turkish Army. Forty years later, as the head of the Australian Army Medical Corps he landed at Gallipoli to fight his former friends. His previous association with the Turkish Army led to a most extraordinary event.

Written By John Gillam and Yvonne Fletcher. Illustrated and Designed by Lillian Webb.

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Legends & Lessons

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THE PEOPLE “Worimi” pronounced “Wor-ee-mee”.

The Worimi would have spoken in the Kattang (Kutthung) language. The Worimi Nation was made up of 18 clans. 

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