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  • Books Design - Typesetting - Layout Design

    1/5 Books Book Design | Typesetting | Illustration | Layout Design | EPub Work With Me ​ I work one to one with individuals, artists and indie publishers to create professional standard layout design for traditional printing and e-pub books. My experience as an illustrator means that I can create graphic and illustrative elements that are uniquely tailored to your publication. ​ Project aspects I can help with ​ Layout Design Find out what size and format is best for your book concept Typesetting Creating the best and easiest reading experience Illustrations and Graphic Elements How can we make your book unique Basic Self Publishing and Printing Advice What is involved in making and publishing your book Please look thorough the links and information on this page to help you better understand the job of making and sending a book to print. Notes On Arranging Printing ​ Liaising with printers can be confusing or just too time consuming for some people. For an extra fee I can take on the role of organising your books printing production as well as design. Usually starts at $180.00. Please consult with me if you would like help organising printing services. Spelling and Grammar ​ Please ensure that a professional editor looks over your manuscript at least once before submission. Different writing styles require specific grammatical expertise so it's important to consult a professional. I will inevitably spell check your book as I go but as I am not a professional editor I cannot finalise the spelling and grammar of your work. Spelling and grammatical errors are the hardest elements to refine in book design of any kind. Often those of us who feel we are proficient in finding errors will be the first to miss them. I can give some recommendations if needed. Start at the End Printing your book can be expensive. But often the price can be greatly reduced if you consult with your printer before production. If you speak to your printer about your proposed project before you start designing they can advise you on what format size and finishes are going to work best in your price range. I will always ask my clients to decide on a printer and the books specifications at the very beginning of production. There is little point in designing a beautiful layout only to find out later on that it is too expensive to print. I can help advise you on what format and printing service would work best for your book project. I tailor each quote to specific needs and budgets. Please feel free to email me and we can talk about your project. Each finished product is a print ready PDF guaranteed to read smoothly and look beautiful. Please Note: Complex Book starting at - $3,000 - $5,000+ Perfect for – Coffee Table Book, Cook Books, Complex Multiple Paged Documents, Collated Reports, Family Histories. Simple Catalogue or Book (50 pages or under) - starting at $300 - $700+ Perfect for exhibition catalogues. Basic Book or Catalogue (100 pages or under) - starting at $800 - $1,000+ Perfect for – Simple Portrait or Landscape Book, Catalogue or Magazine. In-Depth Book Project (Most common project type) - starting at $2,000 - $3,000+ Perfect for – Novels, Short Story Book, Small Art Book. General Pricing Guide Professional Book Formatting and Layout Design Please note any book that involves tables, glossaries or complex indexing costs more as the process of building these elements takes a greater amount of time. A great deal for simple, small catalogues or books with a quick turn around. Client has a clear direction of what they want. Straight forward text and image layout. Client provides images and organises printing. Choice of 3 basic cover designs. Art direction for the books overall look. 3 – 6 unique cover concepts. Multiple opportunities for revisions. Simple additional design and illustrative elements. Limited tables, glossary or indexing Work with the client to organise printing. Multiple Large Format Illustrations. 3 – 6 Cover choices. Complex Indexing or Tables. Follow my layout design through this Instagram account. Top of Page Work With Me Pricing Guide

  • A Little Glossary of Book Printing Terminology | lillianwebbgraphic

    1/5 Shop now! FAQ What is this product? ​ This is an introductory guide for the novice book creator. It is intended to give clarity to the book making process in an easy to understand and friendly manner. Hopefully this will assist in communication with the book designer / printer so that the process can go smoothly and a great final product can be achieved. If you have recently embarked on creating a book of any kind you may have already realised there is a bit more to the process than initially expected. Common terminology is given both a written and pictorial definition presented as simply and clearly as possible. Rather than alphabetical order, the book moves through the definitions in a sequence that mimics the steps in book creation. Once the mechanics of book making are explained the information moves to the content presented on the page of the book including things like image quality and typographic arrangement. All of this is relayed in a way that is appropriate for someone who knows nothing about design or book construction. The interactive nature of the book means that you can move from one connecting idea to another quickly. The look and layout of the book is simple with a fairly casual and friendly approach in both wording and graphics. How will this book be helpful to me? ​ This information will primarily help in understand printing terminology. It may also help you choose the book format that is appropriate for your publication (or assist in understanding your designers choice). The layout of this book as a glossary gives definitions to each word associated with the printing and book designing process. The single word definitions are then built on in a logical sequence and then expanded upon for a full understanding of how they all work together to create a book. Who is the product suitable for? ​ If you are not a book designer or professional printer and have written a book of any kind that you intend to publish or give away, then this resource will help you. If you are a student or a designer of any other sort who is interested in knowing more about the book making process than this may be beneficial to you as well. If you are a writer, editor or illustrator who works in the publishing industry but hasn't ever made their own book then this may be a helpful tool for you as well. What this book isn’t. ​ This book doesn’t contain publishing advice (eg. approaching publishers, finding your target market, etc.) or tutorials on making your own books by hand. It is about the elements that go into making a book that will be most generally common in a commercial setting. My hope is that by being informed about your options before you embark on your book-making journey the process will go smoother and you will come out of it with a product you are proud of. If I am a printer or designer will this book teach me anything? ​ I don't want to rule the possibility out completely but if you have already studied or worked as a printer or book designer then this book will probably be too basic for you. It may help you to refer your clients to this publication to show them during meetings. Instead of doing the heavy lifting of explaining the book making process each time you have a new client, a handy pre-prepared guide may be beneficial. Will this book give me all the information I need to design a book and send it to print myself? ​ In short, no. The book explains each stage of the process but not how to do it. If you are a graphic designer with a working knowledge of Adobe programs then this information will give you more of an understanding of how to design a book but not how to execute each stage in the process. What was the inspiration behind this book? ​ This book came about as a series of info sheets and workbooks that I have used with my own clients that gradually formed into something more individual. Every element I decided to include in the book came from the most common questions I have been asked and the most misunderstood elements of book design. ​ All my clients get a version of the book for free when we work together. Similar Products to this Book 0.itemzero + Maiadouro; Authors: Rúben R. Dias, Rui Oliveira, Fábio Duarte Martins, Ricardo Philippe Dantas; Hugo Rocha, Maria João Cunha; Maria João Cunha; Design and Infographics: Itemzero; Typeface:Uivo by Scannerlicker; Prepress, Printing and Finishing: Gráfica Maiadouro. The Book Block - Industrial Book Binding Techniques Publisher: English Translation: Revision: ISBN: 978-989-330088-6 2020 Indie Publishing: How to Design and Publish Your Own Book by (Editor) Ellen Lupton Paperback, 176 pages Published November 3rd 2008 by Princeton Architectural Press Original Title Indie Publishing: How to Design and Publish Your Own Book (Design Brief) ISBN 1568987609 (ISBN13: 9781568987606) Edition Language English (Please note this publication is a little old now so some of the information can be out of date. I included it here as it has good instructions for making a book by hand.) Not covered in my book is any information about making books by hand, This book does have this information in handy visual guides which might interest some.

  • Contact | lillianwebbgraphic

    Contact Children's Book Illustration Natural History Illustration Book Design Lillian is also part of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and The Children's Book Council of Australia. ​ It would be lovely to hear from you. Please contact any time. or Just send a message right here. Thank you for getting in touch. Please remember that I can only respond to non-business related messages on any platform one day per week. I love hearing form you and will be in touch as soon as possible. If your message is related to a proposal or quote then please use this contact section of my website to send a direct message. ​ Thank you!​ Name * Email * Subject Message Success! Message received. Send

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